Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to GNZ Bioscience, where GNZ stands for “Genuine New Zealand,” a testament to our unwavering commitment to harnessing the true essence of our captivating country.

At GNZ Bioscience, we believe that nature holds the key to unlocking the true potential of your health and well-being, and that of your pets. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to sourcing the finest New Zealand ingredients, ensuring that our formulations are at least 80% New Zealand origin, and at least 80% natural. (Most of our products are 100% natural).

For example, we incorporate kawakawa (Piper excelsum) in many of our skin health formulations. With its lush green leaves and potent healing properties, kawakawa stands as a vibrant testament to nature’s wisdom. For centuries, this native New Zealand plant has been revered for its remarkable contributions to skin health. Recent scientific endeavours have identified a myriad of natural bioactives with skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties in kawakawa leaves. In a world inundated with artificial remedies, kawakawa emerges as an exquisite reminder of the boundless treasures nature offers to restore and rejuvenate our most precious asset—our skin.

Our dedication goes beyond the ingredients we carefully select. It’s also about what we leave out of our products. With a steadfast commitment to purity, we steer clear of harmful chemicals, synthetic additives, and unnecessary fillers. Our pride lies in offering you and your loved ones superior products and peace of mind.
This is your gateway to the vast natural wonders of New Zealand and the outstanding benefits of carefully selected, evidence-based ingredients that enhance skin health and vitality of those you love most. No matter where you are in the world, we invite you to experience extraordinary outcomes from using our SEWA branded skin health and vitality products.

Our Values

GNZB has developed the T8 principles that embodies its core values.

1. Tested

2. Trusted

3. Timely

4. Traceable

5. Transparent

6. Tangible

7. Treasured

8. To Do Good


Discover the transformative power of SEWA, our brand committed to selfless service. Inspired by nature and dedicated to enhancing skin health and vitality for people and pets, SEWA is a beacon of care for our planet.

Immerse yourself in our exceptional product portfolio, carefully crafted with pristine, scientifically and clinically proven New Zealand ingredients. Experience the curative benefits of SEWA FAMILY, a collection of all-natural skin health products for you and your loved ones. Unleash your vibrant energy with SEWA MAN, specially formulated to meet men’s personal care needs. Nurture the wellbeing and vitality of your beloved pets with SEWA DOG and SEWA CAT dietary supplements, and skin health products.

Embrace a heartfelt journey of selfless service with every SEWA purchase, as a portion of sales goes towards supporting meaningful causes, including food, clothing, education and entertainment for economically disadvantaged children and pet shelters. Join us in making a difference while enhancing the wellbeing of those you love.


SEWA: We bring light to innocent lives.

Our Founders

Meet the dynamic duo behind GNZ Bioscience: Leanne Harris and Dr. Suki Harding. With their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, they are revolutionizing the world of natural skincare and vitality. Together, they bring expertise, passion, and a shared mission to empower individuals and transform lives through innovative, science-backed solutions.
Dr. Suki Harding,
Executive Chair
Suki has over 30 years of experience in leadership, governance, R&D, technology commercialization, investment and international business. She has held numerous senior roles in Government and the private sector including Research Scientist at DSIR, New Zealand Trade Commissioner in Indonesia and Taiwan, GM Business Development at Industrial Research Ltd, Director & Business Strategist at CarbonScape Ltd and Director & Head of R&D at Manuka Bioscience Ltd. Suki has a BSc (Hons) 1st Class in Chemistry from Massey University. She also has a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA from Victoria University of Wellington. She has been an active supporter of the Sri Jinananda Children’s Home in Colombo, Sri Lanka for over 10 years. Suki has two sons (Ruwan and Nuwan) and a grandson (Kasper). She and her husband Tim have three cats (Ayla, Lily and Rosie) and a dog (Bear).
Leanne is an experienced entrepreneur and company director with over 30 years of experience in international sales, marketing, investment and human resource management. She specialises in food and beverage, hospitality, pet care and skin health. She is passionate about creating fulfilling job opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable people, supporting pet shelters and providing educational programmes for underprivileged children. She and her husband Jeremy have seven children between them ( Coco, Patrick, Nathan, Jasmin, Elliot, Francesca and Wesley) and two dogs (Ducky and Macky).
Leanne Harris,
 Global Strategy &
  Investment Director

Our Team

Sharwar Yoonoos,
Sales Director

Sharwar has over 30 years of experience in FMCG. Prior to joining GNZ Bioscience, he was the Group Business Director heading P&G Operations at Phu Thai Group – Vietnam (part  of BJC Group, Thailand). He was responsible for a team of 1,400 staff in sales, logistics, finance and  IT. His previous roles include Business Unit Head & Manager – Strategic Business Development at Hayleys Consumer Products Ltd (2016-2019) and Business Development Manager, Unilever KSA where he was handling Unilever International brands for KSA and Gulf regions for 10 years. Prior to this, he was with Unilever Sri Lanka and Gillette International. He obtained a National Diploma in Human Resource Management from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, a National Diploma in Marketing Management from the National Institute of Technical Education of Sri Lanka (affiliated with the University of Moratuwa) and a Communication qualification from the University of Colombo.

Charles is a retired New Zealand barrister and a commercial lawyer with over 30 years of professional experience. He provides legal and financial management advice and assists with risk management and due diligence. He is passionate about health and fitness, teaching and mentoring young people.
Charles Johnston,
General Counsel
Frank Tsai,
Taiwan Director

Frank was born in Taiwan and came to New Zealand at a young age, gaining experience in marketing and distribution in the food sector working alongside Leanne Harris. He is a passionate pet enthusiast with a deep love for animals and experience in caring for them. He strongly believes that pets bring immense joy and companionship to our lives, and it is our responsibility to give them the love and care they deserve. Frank is now back in Taiwan, and is co-ordinating projects for GNZ Bioscience, promoting the Sewa brand and bringing joy to furry friends there.

Tamara (Tami) studied Food Quality Management Technician at the Federico Santa María Technical University, Chile. Prior to joining GNZ Bioscience, she worked as a production supervisor at a food company in Blenheim. She is passionate about science and the development of techniques and new products that can generate a positive impact on both people and pets. She is in charge of meeting the standards required for our products and new innovation projects.

Tamara Ahumada,
Production Manager
Coco Chin,
Christchurch Manager

Coco is a passionate animal lover who dedicates her time to volunteering at animal shelters in New Zealand. With a heart full of compassion and a deep love for all creatures great and small, she is committed to making a difference in the lives of pets and their people. Whether it’s spending time with rescue animals in need of a loving touch or helping your pet with their health issues, she will do her part to ensure that all pets receive the best care possible. She provides sales support and services to clients and manages charitable projects in the Christchurch Region.

Monika Chiu is a food science professional with a pharmaceutical background. She holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Studies in Hong Kong and a master’s in food Innovation in New Zealand. Monika has a deep passion for exploring nature’s remedies to maintain holistic health for humans and animals. With a mission to bring goodness to people and contribute to creating a better world by sharing positive energy. Monika is dedicated to leveraging her expertise and knowledge to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Monika Chiu,
Hong Kong Partner
Chamal Randika,
Digital Marketing Intern

Chamal is a Dip. Digital Marketing graduate from Asia Pacific institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) with hands-on experience in digital content management, specializing in search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and campaign analytics. He successfully ran a dropshipping business from 2019-2022, leveraging targeted campaigns and data analytics for optimal ROI. He is passionate about innovative digital marketing strategies and keen to drive impactful results.

To have a true partnership with a dog is to have a lifelong friend. Cheryl’s passion is to share games based training with dogs and their guardians so they can have the best lives together. She has qualified as a Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs and continue to upskill daily. Her family is blessed with three miniature dachshunds, Barkley, Ace and Parker.

Cheryl Smith,
Dog Training Advisor &
Brand Ambassador
Joanna Exley,
Pet Strategist &
Brand Ambassador

Jo lives in Marlborough with her four dogs. She is passionate about our furry friends, and wants them living their best and longest life possible! She is passionate about dog agility and pet nutrition.

Tim has worked for over thirty years in not-for-profit organisations and Charitable Trusts delivering healthcare to marginalised and vulnerable communities. He has worked on the front line, in management and governance to support these people in need of help. Tim is dedicated to building services that deliver quality, proven interventions that have real positive impacts on the lives of people and animals. His past roles have included CEO of Queen Mary Hospital and CEO of CareNZ. He is currently the Chair of CareNZ. Tim actively supports GNZ Bioscience’s philanthropic initiatives and strategies.

Tim Harding,
Philanthropic Advisor
Hilly van der Werff,
Brand Ambassador
(Mumma & Baby and Fitness)

Hilly is an experienced Office Manager, Customer Relationship Manager and Executive Assistant with tertiary qualifications in beauty and body therapy, health and wellbeing, personal training and fitness consulting. Her first priority is being Kasper’s Mumma, seamlessly integrating motherhood with daily fitness and a passion for creative pursuits like writing, drawing and painting. A dedicated advocate for holistic well-being, Hilly enthusiastically explores and champions GNZ Bioscience’s natural skin health products, embodying a lifestyle that harmoniously intertwines family, fitness and natural radiance.

Our Factory

All SEWA skincare and vitality products for people and pets are manufactured at our Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)-licensed factory in Marlborough, New Zealand. It has stringent, internationally recognized Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) controls to ensure food safety. Products are laboratory tested in New Zealand. The dietary supplements are compliant with human food grade manufacturing standards.

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