How can I place an order?

You can buy SEVA FAMILY skin health and grooming products here
You can buy SEVA MAN skincare and grooming products here
You can buy SEVA DOG skin health products and supplements here
You can buy SEVA CAT skin health products and supplements here

To place an order over the phone, please contact us at +64 21 771 808 (mobile or WhatsApp).
To place an order by email, please contact us with your details and requirements on hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz and we would love to help you.

Can I change my order?

If you want to change your order please email hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz with your order details as soon as possible and we will do our very best to help. Please note that our pick and packing team move fast, so they may have already processed your order. To find more information on changing your order, please visit our returns and refunds policy here.

What can I do if I haven’t received my confirmation email?

If you have already placed and completed an order, you should receive an email within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. If you have already placed your order and have not heard from us following this time please send us an email at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz . We will review your order history and will notify you if there are any issues.

Payments & Delivery

How do I pay?

GNZ Bioscience processes your payments securely using Stripe Payment Processing System.

Stripe’s robust security measures ensure that your payments are processed with the utmost protection for your sensitive information. With Stripe’s user-friendly interface, you can make payments seamlessly, whether you’re using a credit card, debit card or digital wallet.

Stripe’s global reach means you can transact in your preferred currency, no matter where you are. Your financial security and convenience are our top priorities, and Stripe helps us deliver on that promise.

If you experience any issues when checking out, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz and our team will be more than happy to help you.

How Do I use my discount code?

If you have a GNZ Bioscience discount code, you can enter this as you purchase your chosen SEVA products. When checking out, you’ll be prompted to enter your discount code. Once entered, you will see the price adjustment when successful. If you have any issues using your discount code, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz.

Where is my order?

If your parcel has not arrived by the estimated time of delivery, please first double-check around your property and with your neighbours. Please try and track your parcel through our shipping provider. If you can’t find your parcel, we will track the item for you.

Can I track my order?

Absolutely! If you are waiting on a delivery from us within New Zealand, please use the tracking number provided in your confirmation email to check the delivery status here.

If you are receiving a delivery outside of New Zealand please go to the tracking page on your local DHL website and enter your tracking number to get up-to-date notifications on the status of your delivery.

Can you deliver to a PO Box number?

No. We are unable to deliver orders to a P.O Box address. We can only deliver to physical addresses.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship our skincare internationally. Simply enter your detailed shipping address when you check out. See our Terms of Use page for more information.

Refunds & Returns

What is your returns policy?

We want you to love and enjoy your SEVA products. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return the product to us within 30 days of delivery for a refund, less shipping costs. 

Please mail your returned items to:

GNZ Bioscience Ltd
191, Bells Road, Fairhall Marlborough 7272

For further details, please get in touch with our team at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz.

How long does it take to get my refund?

We will process your refund when we receive your returned products. You should receive an email to confirm that your items have arrived and a refund will be processed within 2 working days.

Please send an email to us at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz if you have not received your refund within 10 days and we will make sure that this is processed for you.


What are your skin health hero ingredients?

Our skin health hero ingredients include kawakawa, manuka oil, manuka honey, kiwi seed oil, grape seed oil, blackcurrant seed oil and sunflower seed oil. All these are proudly created in New Zealand.

You can read more about our skin health ingredients and their benefits here.

What are your pet supplement hero ingredients?

Our pet supplement hero ingredients include bovine collagen, organic chicken collagen, green lipped mussel powder and fish oil powder, all sourced from New Zealand.

You can read more about our pet supplement ingredients and their benefits here.

Where are your products made?
We are very proud to say that all our products are made in New Zealand.
Do you provide recommendations based on specific skin and vitality concerns?

Yes. Simply email us at hello@gnzbioscience.co.nz, or via the contact form on our site, and one of our product specialists will be in touch to help you.

Are your skincare products for people suitable for sensitive skin?
All our skin care products contain powerful yet gentle scientific evidence-based ingredients, and are formulated to be suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. If you know you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, do be extra careful.
What fragrances do you use in your products?

The natural oils we use in our products have a beautiful fragrance of their own. We never use synthetic fragrance materials in any of our products.

Are your pet supplements suitable for sensitive tummies?
All our pet supplements contain natural, easily digestible ingredients such as bovine or organic chicken collagen, green lipped mussel powder and fish oil powder.

If your furry best friend or purr ball is sensitive to a particular ingredient, do be extra careful.

Ambassador Programmes

What are your Ambassador Programmes?

Our customers are as passionate about our products as we are, so we have created our Ambassador Programmes to recognise and reward this shared passion.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Refer a friend using your mobile phone number as the reference, and you receive a $30 gift voucher.
  • If you post a testimonial accompanied by one of our approved posts, you will get a $5 gift voucher. (Don’t forget to tag us!)
  • Access exclusive discounts, early product releases, and insider updates as a valued member of our Ambassador Community.

We have four Ambassador Programmes at the moment.

SEVA DOG Ambassador Programme here

SEVA CAT Ambassador Programme here

SEVA FAMILY XmaCalm Balm Ambassador Programme here

SEVA FAMILY Wonder Balm Ambassador Programme here


What Is your company’s mission?
GNZ Bioscience’s mission is to enhance the skin health and vitality of people and pets all over the world, one person and one pet at a time.
What is your company’s ethos?

GNZ stands for “Genuine New Zealand”, which captures the essence of the company’s ethos.

GNZ Bioscience maximizes New Zealand ingredients and natural content in all its products, with a target minimum of 80% for both, as shown on the ingredient seal on each product. We are proud to be able to say that most of our products contain all natural or naturally derived ingredients.

According to our strict definition, “New Zealand ingredients” means ingredients that have been grown in or sourced from New Zealand, not simply processed or transformed in New Zealand.

We aspire to becoming one of the world’s most sustainable and evidence-based skin health and vitality companies in the world. All our ingredients are ethically sourced and traceable. We never test our products on animals.

What are the T8s Principles?

GNZ Bioscience has developed the T8s Principles to describe its core values. The T8s are: Tested, Trusted, Timely, Traceable, transparent, Tangible, Treasured and To Do Good.

Tested: Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they deliver optimal skin health and vitality benefits to you and your loved ones.

Trusted: We have earned the trust of countless customers, who rely on us because we deliver what we promise and never compromise on quality.

Timely: We are committed to delivering results when you need them, with products that work and are easy to use.

Traceable: You can trace the journey of every ingredient we use, from its source to the premium products we deliver to you.

Transparent: Our commitment to transparency means you will always know what is in our products and why, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin or giving to your precious fur babies. 

Tangible: All our ingredients are backed by extensive scientific and clinical evidence, and our products are designed to transform your skin health and vitality, as well as that of your pets.

Treasured: Our products are treasured by our loyal customers, and we treasure the opportunity to help nurture your skin health and vitality, and that of your precious furry friends. 

To do good: The Sanskrit meaning of our brand name – SEVA – says it all: “Selfless Service”. Our ultimate purpose is not only to enhance the skin health and vitality of people and pets all over the world, but also to support causes that truly change lives. Some of our philanthropic activities include creating employment opportunities for marginalized communities, feeding, clothing, educating and entertaining underprivileged children and enhancing the wellbeing of innocent animals in pet shelters.  

Strict adherence to the T8s ensures safety and efficacy of our products and integrity of our company and brand.

What is SEVA?

SEVA is our brand name that means “Selfless Service” in Sanskrit. We love the name since our higher purpose is to support causes that truly change lives. That is why we say, “We bring light to innocent lives”.

We also love the play on words with SEVA since we actively support dog and cat welfare and rescue (think “Save a Dog ” or  “Save a Cat”)!


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