We choose each ingredient to help support your exercise performance, recovery,
vitality and wellness.

Vital Burst

Take a daily shot of VB-8, made with 8 ingredients scientifically proven to support muscle recovery after exercise, boost energy levels, and provide a  plethora of wellness benefits.

Honey Elixir

Honey Elixir is an all-purpose sweetener crafted with Manuka honey, kiwifruit and green apple cider vinegar. Take it as a wellness and vitality shot or to add a touch of sweetness to VB-8.


Malt Elixir

Malt Elixir is formulated with New Zealand malt and coconut treacle for a vital burst of energy in your life. Add malty sweetness to your daily VB-8 shot or any culinary adventure!


100% natural Cocoma is a delicious, chocolate flavoured powder made with three premium ingredients: bovine collagen, cocoa and manuka honey. Take it as a shot for skin and joint health, energy, exercise recovery, digestive health and comprehensive wellness.