We choose each ingredient to help support your exercise performance, post-exercise recovery, vitality and general wellness.

Vital Burst

Take a daily shot of Vital Burst, made with 8 ingredients scientifically proven to support muscle recovery after exercise, boost energy levels, and provide a  plethora of wellness benefits.



Rich in anthocyanins, blackcurrants help enhance exercise performance and increased endurance. Clinical studies show consumption of blackcurrant anthocyanins prior to exercise facilitates recovery from exercise-induced oxidative stress symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, muscle or joint pain and headaches. 

The effective pre-exercise blackcurrant anthocyanin dose is 105 and 210 mg. Two scoops (14g) of Vital Burst provides 230 of blackcurrant anthocyanins. 

Anthocyanins, vitamin C and other antioxidants in blackcurrants support improved cognitive performance, including memory, concentration, and mental clarity. 

These compounds help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and offer comprehensive health benefits e.g.,

    • Supressing Parkinson and Alzheimer’s;
    • cardiovascular support;
    • liver and kidney health;
    • immune system support;
    • anti-cancer effects;
    • anti-diabetic effects through improved glucose metabolism;
    • vision improvement;
    • anti-aging benefits and healthy skin.




High vitamin C levels in kiwifruit promotes collagen synthesis, supporting healthy tendons, ligaments and joints, essential for superior physical performance. 

Kiwifruit antioxidants vitamin C, E, and polyphenols help combat oxidative stress in the brain, promoting improved cognitive function, memory and attention.   

Kiwifruit offers comprehensive wellness benefits.

  • Kiwifruit has low GI 39 (low GI = <55), so it is ideal for managing blood sugar levels.
  • High levels of electrolytes makes kiwifruit a good pre-workout meal.
  • Kiwifruit fibre and actinidin enzyme create a healthy gut microbiome, prevent constipation, enhance  nutrient absorption and help prevent colorectal cancer.
  • High levels of vitamin K, E and potassium promote cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamins A, C, E and copper help build a strong immune system.
  •  Lutein helps promote eye health.
  • Inositol promotes serotonin levels in the brain and helps reduce stress levels and depression. Research shows it also helps boost mood and energy levels.
  • Vitamin C, E and amino acids promote skin health and wound healing.
  • Vitamin B6 (folate) help promote maternal health in pregnancy.
  • Vitamin C, copper, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous promote healthy hair and nails.




Beetroot is rich in nitrates and has gained attention for its positive impact on exercise performance, ability to enhance endurance and reduce oxygen consumption during physical activities. 

The nitrates in beetroot are converted into nitric oxide, promoting vasodilation and improving blood flow, thereby aiding muscle oxygenation and performance.

Beetroot also contributes to cognitive performance by enhancing blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity and memory. 

Beetroot also offers numerous wellness benefits.

  • Antioxidant activity of phytochemicals such as betalains and polyphenols in beetroot helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Supresses metabolic syndrome (that includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels that increases a person's risk of heart attack and stroke).
  • Helps control weight.
  • Suppresses Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
  • Stimulates immune system.
  • Protects liver and kidney health.
  • Antimicrobial and wound healing effects.


Sulforaphane in broccoli sprout has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce oxidative stress associated with physical exertion. It can improve exercise performance and speed up  recovery after strenuous activities.

Sulforaphane also promotes brain health and cognitive function.

It also offers numerous general health benefits.

  • Cardiovascular health benefits, including lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduction of blood glucose and management of diabetes
  • Anti-obesity properties that support weight management
  • Protection against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s
  • Suppression of asthma
  • Anti-cancer effects e.g., retarding progression of prostate cancer
  • Improved gut health, reduction of IBS and other diseases of the GI tract
  • Antimicrobial benefits




  • Gingerol in ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that promote joint health, reduce muscle soreness and enhance exercise recovery. Its ability to alleviate nausea can also be beneficial to athletes.
  • Curcumin in turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It reduces muscle damage, improves muscle function and enhances exercise recovery.
  • Cinnamon can improve exercise performance by helping regulate blood sugar levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity, which are crucial factors in energy utilization during physical activities.
  • Piperine in black pepper improves bioavailability, aiding in the absorption of various nutrients, including those that support muscle function and recovery.



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